The Speech of Consul General Shi Weiqiang on the Hamer Scholarship Awarding Ceremony

 The Speech on the Hamer Scholarship Awarding Ceremony

Consul General Shi Weiqiang, 3 July, 2012


The Hon. Louise Asher, Minister of Innovation, Services and Small Business

Dear recipients of the Hamer Scholarship, ladies and gentlemen:

Good Morning!

I am very pleased to attend today's Hamer Scholarship awarding ceremony. First of all, I'd like to send my warm congratulations to the 11 recipients of the Hamer Scholarship. Well done!

The initiative of Hamer Scholarship was first announced by the Premier Baillieu in his China strategy speech last year. The scholarship was widely applauded as another effective measure to carry forward the comprehensive relationship of cooperation between China and Victoria. Under the care and support of Minister Asher and officers of Department of Innovation and Small Business, it's encouraging to witness the initiative being reality.

With the unfolding of Asian century, more and more focuses are shifting to Asia, of course including China. Australia is keen to know China; China is also willing to hold talks with Australia on the basis of mutual respect and equality. To see is to believe. There is no better way for one to truly understand the emerging China through visiting it in person and studying its language as well as culture. The first batch of Hamer scholarship recipients are about to study in China this September. I think it's a prime opportunity for you to obtain deeper and more comprehensive insights of the genuine China. The Chinese Consulate General in Melbourne wishes you all the best and will offer full support in your preparation for the tour.

In addition, to make the tour more fruitful, I'd like to provide some personal tips to you.

First, call your mom and dad everyday, not only assuring them you remain in one piece, but also sharing with them some of your fascinating stories in China.

Second, make contacts with ordinary Chinese as broadly and deeply as possible. During stay in China, you are representatives of Victoria. Via face-to-face interactions among you and your Chinese friends, a close bond of China and Victoria will be enhanced in the hearts of the two peoples. Plus, your Chinese will become much more localized, or maybe better.

Third, tour around the host city Nanjin and other parts of China. Most of you will study in Nanjin, which has over 4000-year history and was the capital for six ancient dynasties. Take full advantage of this opportunity to explore the city and experience the profound cultural heritage of China. At the same time, don't forget to visit the other sites of interest in China as well.

The last but not the least, get ready to put on some weight in China. The temptation of tasting various Chinese delicacies is always something hard to resist.

In conclusion, I'd like to quote some very famous words as a gift to our recipients. It is in Mandarin, so I hope someone could do me a favor to interpret it in English. I wish you "好好学习,天天向上" (Study hard, and make progresses every day). Thank you!


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