Consul General Long Zhou Delivers a Video Speech on Celebrating the 71st Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China

On 30th September 2020, the Chinese Consulate General in Melbourne released a video speech by Consul General LONG Zhou on celebrating the 71st anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China. The full text is as follows:

Dear friends,

On the occasion of the 71st anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, I wish to extend festive greetings to all overseas Chinese, Chinese students and staff members of Chinese companies in Victoria and Tasmania, Australia. To all the friends who have the unfailing care and support of China’s development, and China-Australia friendship, I give you my heart-felt thanks and sincere appreciations.

Over the past 71 years, New China has traveled an extraordinary journey and forged ahead despite challenges. Under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, we the Chinese people have earned a better life with courage and through hard work. China has met the basic needs of its 1.4 billion people, and the per capita GDP has exceeded US $10,000. By the end of this year, we will have lifted all rural population living under the current poverty line out of poverty and completed the building of a moderately prosperous society.

This year, COVID-19 is raging across the globe. People’s lives are under grave threat. The world economy is in deep recession. In the face of the unexpected pandemic, the Chinese government, under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with President Xi Jinping at its core, has declared a “people’s war” against COVID-19 with firm courage and unyielding resolve. And we have made major strategic achievement in fighting the pandemic. In this fight, the 1.4 billion Chinese people shared a common destiny and fought side by side. Together, we have demonstrated the great strength of unity. We Chinese and the nation have forged a great spirit of putting life above everything else, rallying the whole nation, braving danger, respecting science and safeguarding our shared future, and erected another everlasting monument in the history of the development of the Chinese nation.

China will always remember the invaluable support from many countries and friends throughout the world at the most difficult time in our battle against COVID-19. In the face of the global spread of COVID-19, China has adhered to the vision of "One world, One family" and engaged in a global emergency humanitarian action on a scale unseen in the history of New China, thus injecting momentum into the global pandemic prevention and control. Up to now, China has provided two batches of cash support totaling US $50 million to the WHO, provided timely medical supplies assistance to more than 150 countries and international organizations. We have organized thematic video conferences between Chinese health experts and their counterparts in over 180 countries, and sent 34 medical teams to 32 countries. China has also pledged to make its vaccines global public goods when available. China has fully showcased its image as a major country that places high importance on credibility, friendship, justice and morality in concrete actions. It has demonstrated the responsibility of a major country to seek common development for the world and build a community with a shared future for mankind.

At present, all countries in the world are faced with the arduous task to fight the pandemic, stabilize the economy and protect livelihood. China has made coordinated efforts in the pandemic prevention and control and promoting economic and social development. China's GDP grew by 3.2 percent in the second quarter, making China the first economy in the world to register positive growth. We are fostering a new development architecture with domestic circulation as the mainstay and mutual reinforcement of domestic and international circulations. China will open its door even wider. Its mega-sized domestic market and release of the potential in domestic demand will open up greater space for other countries’ cooperation with China and provide a stronger underpinning for regional and global growth. In early September this year, China successfully held the International Trade in Services Fair and will host the third China International Import Expo in November. Despite many difficulties in preparation, we decided to hold these important events as scheduled. It shows China’s willingness to work with other countries in this difficult time and push for an early recovery of the world economy.

Dear friends,

This year marks the 48th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Australia. Over the past 48 years, the overall relationship between the two countries has made continuous progress despite ups and downs. We do have differences and problems, but we have more common interests than differences. History has proved that when China and Australia enjoyed mutual trust and respected each other’s core interests and major concerns, our relationship would make progress; otherwise, it would suffer setbacks. We always hold that the sound and steady development of the China-Australia relationship serves the common interests of both countries. We hope that Australia would work with China in the same direction, uphold earnestly the principles of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, and move forward our bilateral relations along the right track, thus bringing about a better future for the two peoples and people all over the world.

Sub-national cooperation plays a fundamental and important part in bilateral relations. In recent years, the cooperation between China and Victoria, Tasmania in the areas of economy, trade, culture and education have achieved fruitful results. Although the pandemic may have prevented us from meeting face to face, it can’t affect our cooperation in fighting the virus. Five landmark buildings in Melbourne were lit up in the colors of the Chinese national flag in solidarity with China. A banner “Stay Strong China” was also lit up in Melbourne Town Hall in support of China. Mr. Jack Ma, the founder of the Chinese company Alibaba, donated to the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity to support vaccine research and development. Jiangsu, Sichuan and Fujian provinces of China, and their sister states Victoria and Tasmania have offered mutual support in various ways to fight the pandemic together. A series of online events were held to celebrate the 40th anniversary of establishment of sister-city relations between Tianjin and Melbourne. I’m confident that under the strong leadership of Premier Daniel Andrews and the Victorian government, Victoria will prevail over the disease and return to normal work and life at an early date. In the future, we will continue to strengthen contacts with all walks of life in Victoria and Tasmania, promote practical cooperation in various fields, and further enhance people-to-people exchange and friendship between the two sides.

Dear friends,

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many overseas Chinese, Chinese students and companies in Victoria and Tasmania have made great efforts to support China’s fight against COVID-19 through donations and other means, demonstrating the blood connection and spirit of mutual help. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you all. At present, the pandemic is still spreading in the world. The Chinese government and Chinese people have always been concerned about the health and safety of the overseas Chinese and provided as much help as possible, including pandemic prevention materials. I hope that overseas Chinese in Victoria and Tasmania will continue to abide by the local regulations, strengthen solidarity and mutual assistance, and fight the pandemic together. I also hope you will continue to make contributions to the friendship between the Chinese and Australian peoples. The motherland will always be your backbone!

To conclude, may our great motherland be prosperous and strong, and the Chinese people be happy and healthy! May the friendship between our two peoples last forever!

Wish everyone a happy Chinese National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, and health, happiness and prosperity. Thank you!

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