The application form and relevant materials applicants are required to submit
1. Application Forms

There are two types of application forms: one for Chinese government scholarship and the other for self-supporting students.

The first type include application form for Foreign Student Scholarship, Distinguished Students Scholarship, Chinese Culture Research Fellowship, HSK Winner Program and short-term Studies Scholarship Program for Foreign Teachers Teaching Chinese.

The applicants should submit the application form on the basis of the scholarship they apply.

Applicants recommended by the overseas academic institutions, educational organizations, or non-governmental friendly associations or individual applicants who apply to study in China as self-supporting students shall fill out and submit the application form for self-supported study in China.

Applicants must use the forms printed by the CSC and fill out the forms with the required language. Incomplete forms, or the forms filled out in languages other than the required ones or without the applicants' signature are invalid. Each applicant must submit one original form and one photocopy. Please contact the local Chinese Embassy or Consulate for the Application Forms.

2. Relevant application materials

1) Physical Examination Record for foreigner and Blood Test Report
According to China's quarantine regulations, foreign students whose study in China exceeds 6 months must submit the photocopies of Physical Examination Record for Foreigner and Blood Test Report in duplicates. Applicants抦edical examinations must cover all the items in the Physical Examination Record for Foreigner taken by a public hospital with qualified test facilities. Incomplete records or those without a sealed photograph of the applicant are invalid. Since a completed physical examination record is effective only for six months from the date of examination, the applicants shall decide the date of taking the physical examination accordingly. If enrolled, the applicants shall bring the original copies of the records and the blood test reports when they come to China.
Applicants shall be responsible for all the consequences caused by any false results of their medical examinations. Those without the original copy or with incomplete forms shall take the medical examination again at their own expenses.

2) Highest diploma obtained, transcripts and document of being university students
Applicants shall submit two notarized photocopies of highest diploma obtained and transcripts in Chinese or in English. If they are university students, applicants shall also submit documents of being university students.

3) Recommendation letters
Applicants who apply for master's degree, doctoral degree and those who apply to be associated professors (or people holding equivalent academic titles). Applicants who apply for Chinese Culture Research Fellowship or Short-term Studies Scholarship program for Foreign Teachers Teaching Chinese shall submit one or two recommendation letters or the documents of their institution.

4) Art work
Applicants for music shall submit one cassette of recorded audio materials of art work. Applicants of fine art shall submit 6 photographs of work (including two sketches and two-color paintings)

5) Certificate of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry Tests
Applicants for undergraduate studies of science, engineering, agriculture and medicine shall submit the Certificate of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry Tests. Applicants for undergraduate studies of economics, trade and management shall submit the Certificate of Mathematics Test.

Application materials for scholarships shall reach the CSC within the set time via the Embassy in China or the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in the dispatching country which takes charge of selecting candidates.

Application material for self-supported study must reach the CSC by May 31st, 2000. Dossiers that fail to reach the CSC within the set time will not be processed. The application materials will not be returned.
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