Application for self-supporting students

There are 400 universities and colleges in China which receive foreign students of different levels. Applicants can apply to CSC through Australian educational organizations, non-governmental friendly associations, or directly to CSC. Applicants can also apply directly to the Chinese higher education institutions.

People who are interested in studying in Chinese higher education institutions may ask the Education Office of the Chinese Consulate-General in Sydney for detailed information, or can visit CSC website: , from which you can get information regarding the addresses and telephone numbers of the Chinese higher education institutions which receive foreign students.

Expenses for self-supported study in China

Liberal arts
    Undergraduates or general scholar: 14,000-26,000 yuan (per person per year)
    Master's candidate or senior scholar: 18,000-30,000 yuan (per person per year)
    Doctor's candidate: 22,000-34,000 yuan (per person per year)
    Short-term candidates: 3,000-4,800 yuan (per person per month)

Science, engineering and agriculture: 10% to 30% higher than liberal arts students

Medicine, physical education and arts: 50%-100% higher than liberal arts students

Application fee: 400-800 yuan
Lodging: If living in the institution, it is charged in accordance with its standard for students living in the institution.

Other expenses: Living allowance, medical care in the institution, teaching material and fees of experiments, teaching practice, touring outside the teaching plan shall be on the students.

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