Annual Review of Foreign Students' Scholarship
Status of Chinese Government Scholarship

According to the system of Annual Review of Foreign Students' Scholarship Status, foreign students who have been approved to study in China for more than one year shall go through the procedures of review of their qualifications needed to continue to receive the scholarship in the following academic year.

1. The Content of Review
Attitude towards study, examination results, attendance, conduct, rewards and punishments received (different institutions set different standards of review)

2. Procedures of review
1) Scholarship students should apply for and fill out the Form for Annual Review of Foreign Students' Scholarship Status and turn the completed Form to the institution. The institution will submit the form after offering their comments to the CSC for examination and approval.
2) Those who pass the review of the CSC will have the qualifications to receive the scholarship for the next academic year.
3) Those who fail will have their qualifications suspended. The duration lasts for one year.
4) Those who have their qualifications suspended can apply to continue their study as self-supporting students and ask for exemption of certain fees. After one year of suspension and continuation of study in China, those involved may apply to resume their scholarships.

The institution, after commenting, will submit the application to the CSC for approval. Those who stop their study after suspension of their scholarship cannot resume their scholarships.
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